Maldon, Essex

Hotel Lion Verd in Putanges Pont-Ecrepin

3 May 2017

The French theme continues for CMSM. We now have links with the Hotel Lion Verd in Putanges Pont-Ecrepin. The site of a well recorded, yet largely forgotten Battle for the bridge that helped enable the Allied Forces close the Falaise gap, which defeated the German army in Normandy.

The hotel is in the centre of Putanges, on the site of the battle, approximately 34 miles south of Caen.

In the very near future CMSM will be working in collaboration with Le Lion Verd to provide weekend and mid-week breaks offering accommodation, fine dining, fine wine and military history excursions, including guided trips to the battlefields of northern France and of the lesser visited battle areas south of Caen.

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