10.30 am - 5.00 pm

Maldon, Essex

About the Museum

Discover the secret world of spies, their weapons, gadgets and disguises. Learn about the WW2’s Special Operation Executive (S.O.E) and about British Special Forces and their brave and daring operations.See stunning displays of uniforms; be astonished by one of Europe’s largest public displays of firearms. Squirm at battlefield medical equipment; learn the personal stories behind the medals and read in mate diary accounts of British soldiers.

Dress up in armour; carry equipment of today’s soldiers. See swords, armour and much, much more! Discover Britain’s Military History by seeing only genuine artefacts. You will be amazed!

The museum houses only genuine period items and takes great care to ensure the accuracy and detail of all its displays. There are many items of national importance on display, which cannot be seen in any other museum.

The aim of the Combined Military Services Museum is to display artefacts from Britain’s proud military history, for the education and enjoyment of both present and future generations. The museum is fully air conditioned and the collections are kept in high quality display cases, providing a comfortable experience.

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