Maldon, Essex

New Arrivals

6 February 2020

New arrivals at the museum this week are two large artillery pieces.

Krupp 21cm Kanone K38

This was originally designed and built to replace the, shorter ranged, K38 Morser 18, but as wartime production slowed in 1943 only seven had been built so a decision was made to discontinue production in favour of the simpler designed Morser 18.

Weighing in at 24.9 tons it was towed in two sections, as shown here, by two Famo SdKfz 9 half-tracks.

This example is known to have seen action in the Crimea during 1942, where it was damaged by shell fire.  After repairs it was transferred to Normandy where it was captured by British forces in 1944.

Weight: 24.9 tons
Max Range: 37,087 yds (33,900m)
Ammunition: 265lbs (120kg) High Explosive
Prime Mover: 2 x Famo SdKfz 9 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug – Special Vehicle) half-tracks



It took some expert driving and crane work to place the two sections into position.

Argentinian 155mm Howitzer

Argentinian built howitzer, designed on the French AMX 155mm self-propelled howitzer.  The barrel, cradle and recoil system are exact copies.

Four of these guns were deployed by the Argentinians on the Falklands Island.  Due to the difficult terrain they were confined to the Port Stanley defence perimeter and were captured in the closing stages of the conflict.

Weight: 7 tons
Max Range: 24,068 yards (22,000m)
Elevation: +67 degrees
Ammunition: 94.8 lbs (43kg) High Explosive, Illuminating and Smoke


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