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Maldon, Essex

Operation Nimrod – 5th May 1980

5 May 2020

Monday 5th May 1980 at 16 Princes Gate, Kensington, London.

The quiet of a spring evening in London was about to be shattered as black clad figures prepared theirselves to make an explosive entrance into the Iranian Embassy.  After the terrorist murdered a hostage the Metropolitan Police, using the provison of ‘Military Aid to the Civil Power’, handed the incident over to the 22nd Special Air Service (SAS) and at 19.23hrs the order was given.


Abseilers preparing their ropes



Perimeter secured



Time to move



Across the balcony



I can smell buring!



Reception party at rear of Embassy



The aftermath



It took the SAS, Special Air Service, 17 minutes to clear the embassy and rescue the hostages.  Of the six terrorists, five were killed and one captured.

The museum has on display the uniform of one of the SAS Troopers, Rusty Firmin.


Rusty’s uniform



Royal Tank Regt Coveralls



NBC Smock






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